Dawson Trail Park just continues to be developed.

“We got a grant from Canada Post which kicked everything off to start the toboggan hill / BMX mogul track,” shares Darson Dueck, a Director for the Richer Community Club.

Dueck says they noticed a lot of young people utilizing their mobile skate park and so decided to “give the kids another opportunity to get some energy out”.

By the end of May, next spring, Dueck estimates the project to be completed.

“There’s a lot of vision in our town and people recognize it,” says Dueck. “They start giving out ideas and it improves the community a lot.”

Along with the amenities, the park’s Premier Tech Multiplex is receiving some additions. “We’re installing some LED floodlights within the complex to make sure that it’s lit up during the winter,” says Dan Guetre, another Director for the Richer Community Club. “It makes it safer for families and individuals that are going over there to use the facility.”

Also adding to the security of the park, the number of cameras has been more than doubled.

Guetre says the Dawson Trail Park projects have been mostly Dueck’s doing and shares why the work is so important to the town.

“It makes the community a little more attractive, not only for the town’s people but also for anybody visiting. And, it allows other organizations to actually come in and organize events to host in the park.”