Mothers seem to have a way with words. This Mother’s Day, we are sharing some words of wisdom and common sayings we have heard during our childhood. 

Wanda Woelke says she loved to sing as a child, but it seems her mom, Helen, was not too excited to hear her melodies. 

“My mom always said, 'if you sing at the dinner table, you will end up with a lazy husband,'” she recalls with a laugh. Wanda jokes that those words were enough to scare her into staying single because she couldn’t stand the thought of cleaning up after a lazy husband, and she truly loves singing at the dinner table. 

Meanwhile, Lisa says she needed frequent reminders from her mom regarding the responsibilities of being the older sister. 

“I think can relate, who has a sibling, my mom always said, ‘Say sorry to your sister,’” Lisa shares. 

Belinda Kerda says her mom Violet had one of the strangest go-to sayings when things did not turn out as planned. 

“When she got frustrated or angry, she would say, ‘Oh for crying in the soup!’ I have no idea what it means,” Belinda says. She admits that saying is now part of her everyday language. 

Samantha’s mom also found a creative way to express frustration by saying, “Jiminy Crickets, Andy.” 

“So that’s when something wasn’t going right or she dropped something,” explains Samantha. 

The idea of Mother’s Day started in America when a woman named Anna Jarvis held a small memorial service for her own mother on May 12 in 1907.

-With files from Carly Koop