mode40 is part of the latest group of successful applicants for Next Generation Manufacturing Canada’s (NGen) advanced manufacturing funding.  

NGen has unveiled over $32.3 million in Global Innovation Cluster funding for 15 new advanced manufacturing projects. 

mode40 is a technology services company that works with manufacturing organizations to help elevate and modernize their facilities as well as physical and digital systems through the use of technology. 

CEO of mode40, Cameron Bergen, says this funding will provide numerous benefits to the City of Steinbach. 

One benefit is that it highlights innovation and excellence in Steinbach on a national scale. 

"Putting the eyes on the outside world onto Steinbach can provide a number of additional benefits as we think about economic development as a whole.” 

Bergen says this helps inform those both inside and outside of the community of Steinbach’s more hidden strengths, such as it's manufacturing and engineering sector. 

“There are a lot of organizations within Steinbach and area that do amazing work. It just doesn't get disseminated and shared, and so by shining that light, it has the advantage and benefit of attracting others who are interested in being part of a community with those strengths.” 

Director of Economic Development, Michelle Bezditny, says Steinbach Economic Development Corporation (SED) says access to this type of funding can assist local businesses in adoption of new technologies, making them more competitive on a global scale.  

“Plus, it positions Steinbach as a hub for agri-business innovation in Canada and beyond,” she says. “Diversification of industries and expansion of services such as smart manufacturing, of which mode40 received funding for, aligns with Steinbach Economic Development Corporation's vision to be the center of advanced agri-business in Canada.” 

SED has identified a number of key target sectors, and agri-tech is one of them. 

Bezditny says their vision to be the center of advanced agri-business in Canada is already working. 

“Externally, it has helped said build a profile, raise awareness and access networks of key influencers, businesses, trade bodies and provincial and federal government departments that help promote Steinbach and introduce SED to key prospects,” she says. “Internally, the vision has served to rally the business community and indeed the whole community, to support economic development goals.” 

She notes that smart manufacturing with rapid technology advancement requires and attracts a highly skilled workforce. 

“Education and training programs aimed at equipping residents with the necessary skills to excel in this industry, benefits individuals by providing them with better job prospects. But also strengthens the local talent pool, whereby attracting further investment.” 

She adds that advanced manufacturing and advanced agri-business in general, often creates opportunities for local suppliers and service providers.  

“As advanced agri-business continues to expand in Steinbach, there will be increased demand in sectors such as logistics, engineering, warehousing, sales, and service professional services, etc. and will provide economic benefits to the region.” 

Bergen says while job creation will be an immediate benefit from this funding, there are also long-term benefits. 

“We export a lot of services, so that also has the advantage of bringing a revenue from outside of country back into our community and being spent here. I think the longer-term benefits are going to be more around how it gets used as an economic development tool, and how it continues to get disseminated.”