The Local Urban District committee for Grunthal is planning to hold the line on taxes this year. Chair Anita Funk says her committee has decided to keep their mill rate at 5.0 mills for the LUD portion of taxes in 2024. 

"There are increases everywhere, all around us," says Funk, explaining why they have decided against raising taxes. "With the projects we're planning for 2024, we recognized we wouldn't have to increase the mill rate to do what we're planning to do."

The Grunthal LUD committee has planned four capital projects, totalling more than $132,000 in 2024. Contrary to what has been the norm in recent years, Funk says they do not have any sidewalk improvements planned for 2024.

"Over the last number of years, we have focused on sidewalks and making it safe for kids to walk to school regardless of where they live in town," she says. "Whether you are in the new development on the east side or you are in the apartments on the very west side, we've added sidewalks. So, this year we're taking a different approach."

Funk says the costliest project this year will see Birch Street paved from Froese Road to Pine Street. She notes the project will involve milling the existing asphalt, then shaping and compacting the street before adding an asphalt overlay. The estimated cost of the project is $93,600.

The second capital project will see the installation of Welcome to Grunthal community signs. 

"We'd like to put one up at the southeast approach and the other one at the west end of town where the buffalo currently is," she explains, noting the buffalo will stay where it is. 

The estimated cost of the new signs is $25,000.

A third project will see the committee spend approximately $10,000 on a review. Funk says the committee recognizes the condition of Spruce Street and its water issues. To properly plan for the repair, Funk says the committee intends to engage an engineering firm to study the area and provide a long-term solution for the street.

"We need to do that before we look at spending any more money on temporary repairs for that street," she says. "Temporary fixes have been done even before I was on the LUD and that hasn't been the answer."

And finally, Funk says they plan to install a speed reader board along Main Street West at an estimated cost of $4,000.

Another project, which is not included as a capital works project, will see the committee invest an additional $15,000 in decorative Christmas lights along Main Street. 

Also in 2024, the Grunthal LUD committee plans to transfer $16,589 to its community reserve. The current balance of the reserve is $279,581. 

Meanwhile, the committee is planning a public meeting on May 1st at 7 pm at the New Horizon Centre in Grunthal. Funk says residents will have the opportunity to ask questions and share feedback on the service plan.