MLA Kelvin Goertzen had the chance to nominate 10 people from the community to receive the Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Medal. 

He says there were a lot of people who came to mind when deciding who should receive these medals, as there are many great people in our community.

“There are hundreds of people who would be worthy candidates from the constituency of Steinbach, and yet you can only pick 10.” 

He decided to pick individuals in the community who are representatives of hope. 

The 10 individuals he nominated are shown below, and MLA Goertzen explains why they are deserving recipients of the Queen’s Jubilee Medal.  

Dr. Curtis Krahn 

"For many people, he has been their physician. Sometimes he's had to deliver difficult news, sometimes he's been able to deliver joyous news, but he's always done it with compassion and with heart.”  

Dr. Krahn says it’s a great honor to receive the medal as someone in the medical community. 

“There are dozens and dozens of others who could have been recognized as well. There are so many other people who are deserving and so many other people who've done a wonderful job for healthcare in the region.” 

David Driedger 

“David Driedger has been involved in helping seniors and housing for many years. And in particular, he was a leader in the expanded Rest Haven Project. The expansion was something that was desired for a very long time, and he took a lot of leadership in it. When I was Health Minister, I worked together with him on that project, and I can tell you I don't think it happens without the leadership of somebody like David Driedger.” 

Corny Rempel 

"He is a radio broadcaster, and I've been very impressed over the years where he's been a very community-minded person. In tough times he's brought hope to the community, and that's important. It's easy to bring hope in good times, it's hard to do in difficult times.” 

Jorie Sawatzky  

“Somebody who's welcomed Filipinos into our community for many years through a welcome wagon for Filipinos. And anybody who knows Jorie well will know that if you need a ride somewhere, if you need something picked up for you, or if you need to get to a hospital appointment, she's there to help people. She really is a demonstration of individuals in our community who help people.” 

Paul Dyck 

“Coach of the Steinbach Pistons. Here's a guy who has accomplished a lot in a particular sport. He probably could have gone on and done other things in other communities in terms of coaching, but has stayed in Steinbach, mentored young players, and has brought joy through the Pistons to hundreds of people in our community.” 

Paul Dyck says he's been fortunate to receive awards through hockey, but this is something completely different. 

“This is really so special. Honestly, I was just speechless, I almost felt like I didn't belong in the ceremony. Very humbling and so proud to be a Manitoban, a Canadian, and proud to be a part of our community. Truly a touching moment.”

Evelyn Krahn 

“Evelyn Krahn for many years was a volunteer in different organizations in Steinbach, but also worked in my constituency office. And to handle thousands of different community cases where people were trying to get support from the government, and often people might give me credit or give me blame if things don't work out, but for those things that often work out well in our constituency, it was because of people like Evelyn Krahn.” 

Pastor Terry Kaufman 

“Pastor Kaufman was the lead pastor at the EEFC for many years. He gave spiritual care to individuals when they were going through difficult times and when they were going through hopeful times. He is one of those individuals who is both a calming presence when he is working with individuals, but also is that definition of true and real hope.” 

Mayor Earl Funk, Deputy Mayor Michael Zwaagstra, and former Reeve of Hanover Stan Toews 

"We have municipal leaders who have led us through difficult times, and we see in Steinbach and area the growth that we've had. We're all honored for their leadership in helping develop our communities and ensuring that we continue to grow, and even in difficult times we saw positive things that were happening.” 

Deputy Mayor Michael Zwaagstra says it’s very humbling to receive this medal. 

“To be in a room with so many dedicated volunteers from our community and from other communities, it really is quite something. And it's quite an honor to be among such a group, and in such a ceremony.” 


MLA Goertzen says all of these recipients are representatives of hope in our community. 

“They give hope through radio, hope through sports, hope in government, through leadership, hope in faith, hope through individual acts of kindness, hope through working with seniors and developments,” he says. “It's all about hope because we're a community of hope and I think that we have lots to be hopeful for.” 


With files from Corny Rempel