Some health care services are now being offered in Richer, thanks to support from the Manitoba Metis Federation who is funding a mobile clinic that is visiting a variety of smaller communities in the province. 

Lynne Robson, secretary for Richer Metis Local, says the Metis Mobile Clinic has now come to their community twice and another visit is set for next month. 

She reports the second visit had a lot more people accessing the supports, saying, “they were crazy busy.” 

At the March 7th clinic, word had spread, and people seemed eager to learn more about this health care service offered in the small community. 

“People were there from the very beginning (of the clinic) until right up until the end,” Robson says. “Older people coming in, all of the foot clinics were booked up.” 

There are a limited number of foot care appointments available each time and Robson notes this is an important part of the clinic, with great value for many people in the Richer area. 

“For people like me who have Type 2 diabetes where we need to have our feet checked on a regular basis, there's somebody there that comes and takes a look, and if you're older and can’t get to cutting your toenails properly, and the heal scrubs, they can help,” she says. 

The March clinic day also included other services. 

“We had some vaccines being done which is nice to see because a lot of people don't get out to some of the other places to get their vaccines when they need them.” 

Robson notes the Metis Mobile Clinic is there to support overall wellness. 

“For regular maintenance, I guess is the best way of putting it,” she says. “Checking blood pressure, and blood tests for cholesterol and diabetes, and just general chitchat to find out if there's something that maybe they do need to go in, spend some time at a doctor or find a doctor.” 

This traveling clinic is also a great resource in learning about the healthcare services offered in Manitoba and getting help in finding the right support for individual needs. 

Robson points out that anyone can access this mobile clinic, you only need to bring your Manitoba Health Card. 

You do not have to live in Richer and you don’t have to be Metis, she says.

The Metis Mobile Clinic returns to Richer on April 13 from 10am to 3pm at the Richer Young at Heart Club which is located at 22 Dawson Road West.

Robson hopes that more services can be offered with more clinic days as the public support increases.

Poster with details on April 13 clinic day