A big celebration is planned for Monday in Richer to honour Manitoba’s founder Louis Riel

Gisele Hupe with the Richer Métis Local says it is important to recognize the significant contributions of Riel in shaping Manitoba into the province it is today. 

“He was also the founder of the province of Manitoba and a political leader for our Red River Métis People. So, it's important to us to remember him because he fought very hard for our rights.” 

Hupe says there is a lot to celebrate. 

“Our culture is very important, and people are coming out as opposed to when I was growing up, it was hidden. You couldn't say that you were Métis because people wouldn't respect the culture of Métis. Right now, in this day and age, we are very happy to explore our history, our culture.” 

She says everyone is invited to the Richer Young at Heart Hall on Monday for a day of traditional food and dance. 

“We have a lot of young kids that we are teaching the jig, the Red River Jig, and so they're going to put a little show on for us. And we have fiddlers coming out, guitars, and we also have activities for children... we have a storybook on Louis Riel, a picture for them to color.”

Poster for Louis Riel Day in Richer