Ste. Anne Town Council is working on its budget for this year and Mayor Yvan St. Vincent says it is important to him that they do not raise taxes, because families are already struggling with the current cost of living. 

He wants to make sure they put money toward projects that are important to the community. 

“And of course, we continue to pursue things like offering more opportunities for youth, our rec opportunities for youth and for our seniors and for everyone in town.” 

St. Vincent says this year will see the opening of two daycare centres and a new grocery store. 

He notes the lagoon expansion should also be completed by fall

“People won’t necessarily notice that but as a town and as a council, that’s very important to us.” 

A feasibility study began last year regarding recreation in Ste. Anne which will provide council with some insight into areas that would benefit from some extra dollars and attention. 

“We certainly don't want to put money in places where it's not going to pay off.” 

St. Vincent expects to get that report this month. 

He says it will look at more than just the arena. There will also be valuable information regarding the baseball diamond, soccer fields and tennis courts. 

“We recognize that whatever our next steps are, they shouldn't be a huge burden on the residents because there's already many burdens placed on them. So, we're trying to balance all that.”