Steinbach City Councillor John Fehr says it was a quiet morning in the Mayor's chair. The Deputy Mayor filled in for Chris Goertzen at Friday's Open Door session.

Fehr says only two people stopped by. One person came in to talk about something the city is already addressing, while the other person dropped by to say thank-you.

"She just wanted to thank us for the way that we are managing the city money and for keeping the taxes in check," says Fehr. "It's nice to hear that."

Steinbach taxes are due September 30th.

Fehr says he hears a lot of positive comments about City Council, noting people will tell him on the street that they like the work being done.

He notes Open Door is not something that happens in many jurisdictions. Fehr says it is a great venue for people to express concerns or to give accolades. He adds it is good to see people take advantage of it.