The St. Pierre Hospital Foundation is holding its annual health walk Sunday in St. Malo to raise money for a new piece of medical equipment. Chair Marc Rioux says it's important that area residents support this cause because it enables them to improve the services provided by the De Salaberry Health Centre.

"We raise funds for the hospital for whatever needs that they have, for equipment that is not provided by the RHA (regional health authority). This year's fundraiser is with the intent to buy a GlideScope for the hospital. A GlideScope is used by the physicians when they are having difficulty with airways of patients. It's used at critical moments when a patient comes into the hospital emergency room and is not breathing. The GlideScope allows the physician to quickly put a tube in the patient's airway to allow them to start breathing again."

Rioux says the united costs about $15,000.

The walk begins at 2 p.m. at the Grotto along Highway #59 in St. Malo. Rioux says they typically have about 50-75 participants in the health walk and usually raise about $10,000.