The Manitoba Government says Manitoba's fuel supply has increased since repairs began on the Imperial Oil pipeline south of St. Adolphe.
The line, between Gretna and a Winnipeg terminal, was shut down 10 days ago after inspections earlier in the year led the company to make the proactive decision to carry out preventative maintenance to ensure the continued integrity of the line.
In an update issued early Wednesday morning, the province says supplies are being maintained by industry with ongoing rail and truck fuel deliveries. The province is regularly meeting with suppliers, and closely tracking fuel supply levels, price impacts and the distribution of fuel to retailers.
Offloading capacity at the Gretna fuel terminal has been upgraded, and work is now underway at a terminal in Winnipeg. Once complete, these upgrades will increase the volume of fuel that can be transferred from rail to truck for distribution to retailers.

Imperial Oil has notified the province that they are preparing the worksite south of St. Adolphe where the affected section of pipeline will be replaced. They have advised that the repair operation is on schedule. The province will continue to monitor the repair work to ensure it is being completed promptly, safely and without impact to the surrounding environment. Provincial inspectors are fully engaged and continue to monitor the work on a regular basis.

The Manitoba government is closely monitoring the situation and is committed to taking additional action as necessary to manage and maintain the supply, distribution and affordability of fuel during the shutdown including legislative and regulatory measures.