Aspen Drive in Kleefeld is scheduled for a makeover in 2018.

Gord Meneer, councillor for the RM of Hanover, says that road failed about three years ago and adds they’re looking to give it a complete overhaul.

“We’re looking at doing a complete rebuild to the base and surface area in most of the bay and some resurfacing for a portion of it. It’s been on the books and we’ve been trying to work within our means and work within the budget to figure out a way to do it and now we’ve come up with a good plan to get this work completed in Kleefeld.”

Meneer notes this project will not have a financial impact on homeowners on Aspen Drive or in Kleefeld as a whole. 

In red is Aspen Drive in Kleefeld

“We’ve been budgeting for this in Kleefeld so that we can make the work happen at no cost to the ratepayers in order to get this work done. Part of the money is coming from the provincial government through some grants we’ve applied for and the other part of the money has come through Kleefeld’s reserves. I’ve been working really hard to ensure that this project gets done by putting money away in order to make some of these projects happen that do happen in Kleefeld and this is one of them.”

Rob Driedger, manager of engineering and utilities, says construction is expected to start early to mid-summer and depending on the weather, should take roughly two weeks to complete once started.