The major overhaul of the Loewen Boulevard, Brandt Street intersection will have to wait. 

Funding for the massive upgrade was announced in the fall of 2021. At that time the plan was for the shovel to hit the ground in 2022 and for construction to wrap up in 2023. 

Unfortunately, Steinbach City Engineer Aaron Rach says all of the proccesses since then have not gone as smoothly as they would have liked and there has been another setback. 

“We had hoped that it would be ready to go for this summer but there has been a number of design challenges that have been identified through that process so we will not be proceeding with construction this year. We are currently completing the design and are planning to tender it early in the new year for construction in 2024.” 

The intersection of Loewen and Brandt will remain as is for another year.