A La Broquerie resident who wants to begin a dog breeding operation was met by serious opposition at a council hearing earlier this week.

Reeve Lewis Weiss says the breeding business was proposed along Road 39E which is considered agricultural land in the RM of La Broquerie.

“The reason it was a hearing is because a dog breeding operation needs a conditional use permit on this type of land,” explains Weiss.

The hearing began with the breeder, Jenny Werle, presenting her case. Werle wants to begin breeding Alaskan Malamutes, Siberian Huskies, and Caucasian Shepherds and plans on housing the animals in a compound surrounded by a precautionary fence.

Weiss explains that all neighbors within 100 metres of the potential operation were notified about the hearing and could come voice concerns if they had any. 

“And in this case there were some questions raised,” states Weiss.

One resident in attendance noted that all three of the proposed types of dog were characterized as larger, protective, and potentially aggressive breeds. With many children as well as cattle in the surrounding area it was felt that these dogs would be unsafe if they escaped.

“If it crosses my fence and threatens my family it will go down,” said one resident in strong opposition.

Other concerns centered around the additional noise so many dogs would produce, and whether or not the animals would have enough space to live a quality life.

Werle, who already owns seven dogs, feels her intended 20ft by 12ft facilities would be big enough to give each canine, including any additional puppies, a comfortable amount of room. However, she admits she is uncertain of any provincial regulations on the subject.

Council’s main reservation towards approving the conditional use permit was this lack of knowledge of provincial standards.

“We just want to make sure this containment unit is the correct size if there are regulations,” comments Weiss.

Council decided to compile a series of questions for the breeder addressing the varying concerns before any conclusion is reached. The discussion will be tabled until they receive further information.

Weiss adds that those in opposition will be notified when the conditional use permit request for this dog breeding operation re-appears on Council’s agenda.