It's back to the drawing board in Kleefeld. Hanover Reeve Stan Toews says the municipality was hoping to upsize some water mains in the community, but unfortunately the tenders came back way over budget. "Tenders came in at about 750 thousand dollars," says the Reeve. "And what the engineers were pricing out was around 400 thousand dollars."

Engineers suggest the high tenders can be attributed to the time of year for construction, the less than ideal subsurface ground conditions in Kleefeld and the close proximity of proposed services to existing buried facilities. Reeve Toews guesses it could also be that "there was just so much work last fall, guys were all busy so if you wanted a job done they had to pay extra."

Reeve Toews says this project doesn't have to happen right away and he suggests it will likely be retendered in spring.