Jake Epp Library has three new study-pods available for anyone who is searching for a quiet spot to focus. 

Aubrey Walker, Co-Interim Director of Jake Epp Library, says it’s exciting to have a quiet spot available in the library. 

“Libraries have been moving a little bit away from the hush-hush places that we used to be, which is great, we love being a vibrant part of our community. But sometimes that means that people who come here don't find the quiet study spaces that they'd always like.” 

Walker says they knew quiet spaces were lacking in the library. 

“So we've been looking into options, and a grant came up recently where this was an option. We were so excited that we got that grant, and we were able to bring in these study pods.” 

They have two one-person pods and one four-person pod.  

The pods are not soundproof, but they are sound-dampening. 

“So you can still hear, we can still hear you if you shout, but it's sound-dampening so that it just really helps you focus.” 

The pods also have their own air circulation, outlets and USB ports for charging devices, and user-controlled lighting. 

Walker notes they do have some guidelines they ask people to follow when using the pods. 

“We prefer no food or drink. We just got them and we're trying to keep them nice and neat for as long as possible.” 

Along with that, they request that people take off their shoes before they go inside the pods, as Steinbach’s current weather dirties everyone’s shoes. 

The pods arrived on January 3rd. 

“We did a little bit of a softer launch where we let people discover them as they came in while we were working out our kinks on our booking,” she says. “Now we're starting to advertise them more widely because we think we've got a handle on how it's working, and we want more people to come in and start using them.” 

She says the pods are very popular among students. 

“Once someone starts using them, you'll often see them again the next day and the next day. It's a popular thing once people get started, they seem to enjoy it, it's a good study area.” 

People using the study-pods

They are booking the pods for up to two hours at a time. 

“Just in case we start having a longer waitlist, so then everyone has a chance. But if nobody else has booked that, you can just book it again for another couple hours, or keep going until we boot you out, either way works.”  

She notes the library does clean the pods regularly, but visitors can ask staff to wipe them down before they go in.  

You can either come in and book a slot in-person, or you can email jakeepplibrary.com or call 204-326-6841 ahead of time. 

Study Pods graphic


With files from Adi Loewen