An organization called Manitoba Possible held a family fun day at the Steinbach Curling Club this past weekend that far exceeded expectations. 

Brad Mehling works at Manitoba Possible, a non-profit organization that provides a diverse range of programs and services to children, youth and adults with disabilities. 

In total, he says there were 108 people in attendance at their Family Fun Day, and they had been planning for less than half of that number. 

“Oh, my goodness, it was the highlight of my career working for Manitoba Possible. We invited all our clients, our children and their families to attend the Steinbach Curling Club, and we put on curling for everyone in the family, those that have physical challenges, those that have any disabilities and their brothers and sisters, their moms and dad, everybody was able to go on to the ice and had a fantastic day.” 

a wide photo shows a large group curling (Manitoba Possible)Photo credit: Manitoba Possible

In addition to all of Manitoba Possible’s clients and families, Mehling says they had a few special guests in attendance.  

“We had the Steinbach Pistons players that participated as well, let me tell you I am super proud of those young men, they assisted, they participated. We had Buzz and Boomer come out, It was just astounding. The smiles on the kid’s faces were phenomenal.” 

Mehling says his wife Barb Mehling, a very talented and experienced curler, along with volunteers from the Steinbach Curling Club and Curling Manitoba helped teach those that were new to the sport. 

“There were three different types of curling, there was wheelchair curling where an individual in a wheelchair uses a stick to get the rocks into the buttons. Then, there was stand-up stick curling for those people that have mobility issues and then there was regular curling, which lots of people participated in.” He adds “All five curling sheets were being used for the weekend.” 

Following the event, Mehling says many parents reached out, noting “It was incredible. I got astounding emails and text messages of how great the event was, and most people said ‘when is the next event?” 

Speaking of, Mehling says Manitoba Possible is trying to do more outreach in the community. 

“We're looking at some events sometime in spring and summer where, again these children have an opportunity to forget that they have any challenges and enjoy the day. So, those are in the planning stages, but by the number of people that showed up, I am counting the day to the next curling event for these kids next year.” 

Mehling thanks everyone who helped make the event a success.