Council for the Rural Municipality of Ritchot has denied an application for a large recreation complex at Grande Pointe.

Winnipeg businessman Andy Feng of Unicanadian International had hoped to build the complex on about 80 acres off Highway #59. The site would include one indoor and one outdoor soccer field.

(Ritchot Mayor Chris Ewen)Ritchot Mayor Chris Ewen says there were concerns from ratepayers. He notes three or four letters were sent in and at least 20 residents showed up at the public hearing. Ewen says they brought forward some very legitimate concerns.

One concern, is this area sees a lot of flooding in spring. Ewen says if a complex of this size is built, it will force potential flood water to push out and possibly flood nearby homes.

A second concern has to do with traffic. The complex would have been built along Lavallee Road. Ewen says if that road is not properly maintained it could result in collisions or vehicles getting stuck.

"Those two are legitimate concerns, absolutely," says Ewen. "We did speak with Water Stewardship and the Seine Rat River Conservation and they are willing to work on the area, they don't have a solution, so for the time being it is a concern for flooding."

Ewen adds another concern is that some residents want to keep that as country living, without a recreational complex.

Ewen says after hearing so many residents speak against the project, Council was unanimous in voting to defeat the proposal.

According to Ewen, this is the third time that Feng has presented such a plan to Council. Ewen says he wouldn't be surprised if Feng comes a fourth time in the future but with a completely different plan.

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