This is Finley Hiebert of Steinbach. He's in Grade 4 and he's riding the regular school bus for the very first time with all the other kids. 

Finley's mom Brittney joined us on the MIX Morning Show to tell us the story of Finley and the bus. Finley has Down Syndrome and after walking to school in Kindergarten, he has been riding the Special Needs bus for the past 3 years. He has a special leather harness that he puts on in the morning and at school to come home and there are special clips to keep him in place! 

Marge Thiessen, the resource teacher at Elmdale School has fought really hard for him to be involved with everything and that includes riding on the regular school bus. So, they modified the bus, the special hooks are in place and now the seat beside Finley is the most popular seat in the bus!! 

We are so happy for you Finley and for the amazing example of inclusion in Steinbach!