The Mayor of Steinbach says seeing the Southeast Event Centre go forward was the biggest highlight of 2022, but it was also the biggest challenge.  

Earl Funk says Steinbach has never undertaken a single project of this magnitude. 

“We were able to do the tender award in November and there has been a lot of work done on it by council and by the SEC Group, and also our staff has worked tirelessly on it. That has really consumed us. That project has taken much of the resources that we have had this year in our office, we spent a lot of time on it. That is the number one highlight is the event centre.” 

Funk notes a lot of other projects have taken place since the start of the year that are also worth highlighting. 

“Being able to complete Acres Drive this year, opening up more industrial lots and we are very fortunate to be seeing a little bit of action on those. We do see that the commercial development in our community is alive and well. That has been exciting.” He adds “the Rest Haven Personal Care Home is finally starting to open. They are phasing it in because it is a large facility. It has just been a year.” 

In addition, there was another municipal election this year and Steinbach’s council remained the same.  

Funk says “I take that as a big vote of confidence by the residents, that they have been happy with what they've seen in the last four years and I'm looking forward to another good four years.” 

On a more general note, Funk says it has been encouraging and reassuring to see Steinbach's continued growth this year

“I think this is the first time that I can remember that our city is growing in every corner. In every corner there is development. You look south, you look north, you look east, you look west, there is development everywhere. It is really exciting to see how fast our city is growing.” 

All in all, Earl Funk says he can’t help but be incredibly thankful as we wrap up 2022.