It has been another successful year for Steinbach Family Resource Centre.

Executive Director Jo-Anne Dalton reflects on their impact on the community this year. 

“What stands out the most is how many families have come through our doors. We are seeing record numbers of families needing support and then just what they're accessing in terms of our programs and resources that we have available, and how we're trying to grow to meet that need, which has been really great,” Dalton said. 

The numbers alone testify to the success. Over 500 families have come through their doors and accessed in-person programs this year. She adds that 93 babies have been born to families who attend programs compared to 71 last year. 

However, growth comes with challenges; for them, it’s the rise in expenses and costs of what they provide to families. 

“We're always constantly seeking project grants from other organizations. We're always looking at what foundations giving models are and where we might be able to fit into that early childhood model for support, and looking at different levels of government funding where we could also fit in to try and sustain our organization and the level of growth that our community is having,” 

Even with increased prices and other challenges, the community’s generous donations have made a positive impact on the organization and those they serve. 

Dalton and her team are excited for the upcoming new year, especially with their biggest fundraising event coming in February. 

“It is our community scavenger hunt open to everyone with tons of prizes. This fundraising event is going to be a big part of how we support the work of our organization and it's free to play.”  

Dalton reassures that they’re not going to stop anytime soon: “We'll always be out there and making sure that families have a place to come for support.” 

With files from Kenton Dyck.