The job fair in Steinbach on Thursday saw 27 employers gathered in one room, meeting hundreds of people who were looking for jobs. 

Gursimran moved to Canada around seven years ago, and then moved from Ontario to Steinbach just last month. 

She was armed with resumes, attending her first job fair in Canada. 

“Definitely looking for a job because it's so, I would say, depressing sometimes, sitting at home all day long,” Gursimran says. “It’s not a very good feeling.”

Gursimran smiles at the camera.Gursimran attends her first job fair in Canada.

Nataliia brought her parents to the event, only a day after picking them up from the airport. 

“They arrived in Canada (Wednesday) and we came here to check all the positions, what is available for them,” she says. “I don't want them to work right now. I would like them to enjoy their time off here with us because we didn't see each other for almost seven years. But this job fair happens once a year, so it's very good to walk around to see everything and maybe in a few months we can look for jobs for us.” 

Nataliia Reshetova.  Nataliia Reshetova appreciates having a room full of employers, making it easier to learn about the job opportunities in the area.  

Mallory Cabana was at the job fair, representing the TD Bank in Steinbach. 

“We know that there's a lot of value in new immigrants who have recently come to Canada. They bring an essential skill set that we're able to utilize immediately in some of our entry level roles. So, it's been a big success in helping us, not only to fill our vacancies, but have employees that actually meet the same ethnicity as our community, so that when our customers are coming in, they feel comfortable walking into the branches knowing that they have someone who can speak their language with them, where they feel at home, even though they may be miles away from home.” 

Cabana says the job fair is a great environment for collecting resumes because it’s a comfortable environment to meet potential candidates. 

“As well, we have some of our other colleagues here with us, so they can actually connect with another CEA, or Customer Experience Associate, who has recently onboarded themselves, speak to them about the experience that they had in joining TD. So, we think there's a lot of value in bringing not just the leadership staff out to these events, but the other roles within the bank as well, so that potential candidates can connect on a more even playing field with those individuals.” 

Clearview Co-op returns to the job fair each year, and Sheila Riediger says they find great value in attending the event, getting to meet a lot of people who could potentially join their staff team. 

Halfway through the fair, Riediger had already collected a stack of resumes and applications. 

She says people are looking for part-time work at one of their gas bars or C-Stores. 

“As well as at our new Ste. Anne food store that’s going to be opening in fall. A lot of people are excited about that.” 

Riediger says it’s great to see such interest from the community. 

The job fair was put on by Eastman Immigrant Services and the Steinbach Chamber of Commerce. 

-With files from Carly Koop.