There are quite a few updates on various projects underway in the Hanover School Division. 

Green Valley School is building a brand new gym, a modified version of the old gym, and three additional classrooms. 

As for Mitchell Middle School, they are getting four additional classrooms. Both GVS and MMS are waiting on final word from the province to move forward with the process. 

Superintendent Shelley Amos, says those attending GVS will have noticed the portables that they had were moved in preparation for where the new construction will take place. Those classrooms are now housed in the building. 

Amos notes they are almost back to pre-pandemic numbers. 

“That's due in part to students who are now returning to us, whose families might have chosen homeschool over the last couple of years, but also to a healthy immigration population. We have had about 80 students from a variety of countries come into our school system this fall, so really exciting. It does mean sometimes some last minute changes to classes and whatnot, so please give us patience while we do that.” 

She also says that more students means more staff, so they have hired the equivalent of four full time teachers in response to the growing enrollment. 

There is also a design for a new elementary school in Steinbach, but it has not gotten final approval from the province yet. Amos says she is hopeful that they will get the approval in the next year.

“Then we can start really promoting what it would be, and do the community consultation for the name of the school. And much like we did when we built Niverville High, we'll put out some pictures to keep everybody in the loop along the way.”