Renovations are now complete at Cedarwood Supportive Housing in Steinbach.

David Driedger is Chief Executive Officer of HavenGroup. He says Cedarwood is a 29-suite supportive housing facility that has been around since the early 1970s. Driedger notes the facility is always fully occupied, making it difficult to ever try pulling off major upgrades. However, the timing all worked out earlier this year to pull this project off.

Driedger explains that some residents of Rest Haven in Steinbach were transferred to Cedarwood while the new build was happening. Then, when the new addition at Rest Haven was complete, those residents at Cedarwood could move back to Rest Haven. This meant about half the building was suddenly empty and Driedger says that was all they needed to schedule the renovations.

According to Driedger, upgrades included replacing water pipes, adding new lighting to the common hallways and replacing the flooring of common areas.

"Just to really enhance the environment there," explains Driedger. 

The grand opening at Rest Haven happened in mid-May. About one month later, the renovations started at Cedarwood. Driedger notes they wrapped up in mid-November. They are now open to accepting more admissions again. According to Driedger, there are currently about half a dozen suites that still need to be filled. 

Driedger explains that Cedarwood Supportive Housing is different from a personal care home and also different than an assisted living complex, noting it is something in between. He says residents are provided three meals per day, plus coffee break. They also receive laundry support and light housekeeping. 

"It's fairly comprehensive while the tenant is still considered to be independent," he adds.

Driedger says the project cost about $440,000 with about $200,000 coming from HavenGroup and the rest through tenant revenues.