The staffing list is nearly complete for the new school year in the Hanover School Division. 

Superintendent Shelley Amos says they only have a few vacancies and those will be filled next month. 

“We sort of shut down hiring near the end of June and pick it back up mid-August,” she explains. “But for the bulk of our staffing, we are set and ready to go.” 

Amos is confident that the remaining vacancies will be filled with quality staff. 

“When we post, we have multiple applicants and sometimes really hard decisions to make on hiring the best applicants and that’s the best place for us to be in. So, we have a few positions left to fill yet at the end of August, we always do. 

The Hanover School Division employs approximately 1,100 staff and Amos says the division has been fortunate, especially during the past couple of years, in being able to fill vacancies with ease. 

"We’re really doing well here for staffing,” she says. “I know there’s been a lot of talk in the media in the past year or two about staff shortages. We have felt some pinches with our spares and substitute lists, but not with our permanent and term staff. We seem to be in a real fortunate spot and have a lot of people want to come work in Hanover School Division. So, that’s fantastic for us.”

School offices will open on August 24th with the first day of classes on September 7th. Many classes will have a staggered start to the new school year. Details can be found on the Hanover School Division website.