The Reeve for Hanover says their proposed annexation with Niverville would be very positive for his municipality.

Jim Funk is referring to the proposal that currently sits with the Manitoba Municipal Board. If approved, it will see Hanover transfer nearly 2,600 acres of land, or roughly 50 parcels, to the Town of Niverville. 

The land is located east of Niverville, stretching to Highway 59. Funk says not only does Niverville need more space to accommodate residential growth in the decades to come, but the hope is that this land in question will one day become a business corridor. 

According to Funk, it was the Town of Niverville that got the ball rolling. 

"We were approached by Niverville a while back, actually in summer. And they were asking if we would be in favour of giving them some land because they are growing and they foresee in the near future they will be needing land," he recalls. "Since then, we have had a few meetings and we have come to an agreement that we are willing to work with them."

Funk says in return, Hanover would benefit from the business corridor running along Highway 59. 

"We would jointly develop and share tax revenue, which would be good for both parties that are involved," he explains.

Funk says at this point, the two sides would split the costs 50/50, noting they will need to bring water and sewer to those parcels. 

The 2,600 acres today is a combination of agriculture and residential, says Funk, noting there are about 50 homes impacted. 

Funk explains that just because Hanover and Niverville agree to 2,600 acres, that does not mean it is a done deal. He says in the end, the province will look at how much land Niverville needs in order to maintain its growth rate and make a decision accordingly. For example, he says back in 2017, Steinbach received only about half of the 7,800 acres it requested from Hanover. 

Landowners impacted by this proposed annexation have been notified and Funk says a meeting is being planned for next month where they can voice their opinions.