Council for the Rural Municipality of Hanover has approved a variance, paving the way for a church building to be constructed near Steinbach.

Jessica Mayores proposed the construction of a new church building on a two-acre parcel of land along Road 33E, near Homestead Crescent, west of Steinbach. According to Hanover's Planning Manager Jeremy Neufeld, this site has been for sale for a significant amount of time but has been unable to sell for residential use because it does not comply with minimum site width requirements for an onsite wastewater management system. Manitoba Conservation has indicated that holding tanks are the only option on this site.

Neufeld explains that churches are a permitted use in residential zones, including Rural Residential. As the site does not meet the minimum width requirements, the matter was brought before Council for consideration. The applicant asked Council to vary the required site width from 200 feet to 136 feet. 

The building will have an auditorium capacity of approximately 150 people. The site plan indicates that the building can comply with all required setbacks. The minimum number of parking stalls for a capacity of 150 people would be 50 regular stalls and three accessible stalls. The site plan shows 60 regular parking stalls and three accessible parking stalls.

Neufeld told Council that the proposed use is permitted in this zone and that the matter before Council was related to site width. He notes the applicants have shown the ability to comply with all other zoning requirements and therefore Hanover Administration is supportive of the application.

Council was unanimous in approving the request.