Families and individuals packed the bleachers at Marchand Park for the Marchand Logging Day on Saturday.  

The morning's main event was go-cart races with the competitors of the St. Labre 200. It was an eventful handful of races filled with entertainment, laughs and cheers. 

Other activities included bouncy castles, face painting and a flea market. Later in the day, the mud mafia and evening social took place. 

The countdown is on for the grand finale of Wendy’s Show Us Your Summer! 

Five days remain until we give away the brand-new trailer from Steinbach Trailers and RV. If you still need a golden ticket to be entered, there are multiple ways to get your hands on it. 

Show us a photo of you and your favourite moment of this summer for a chance to win a golden ticket, and we are giving away multiple of them. To increase your chance, take a selfie with us at events or the trailer and scan the QR code to submit your photo.  

Keep checking the Wendy’s Show Us Your Summer page on SteinbachOnline and listening to our radio stations to stay updated! 


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