Concerns related to the Kleefeld Recreation Association have taken another twist.

Three weeks ago, Hanover Reeve Stan Toews announced the municipality would be taking over all aspects of the accounting functions of the Association. He notes their 2017 audit uncovered issues which could have left municipal funds exposed to fraudulent activities.

(Several board members including Nicole Rempel, Anna Meneer and Mike Peladeau meet with Kleefeld residents this week.)The Association has now handed over all aspects of the accounting functions, including the 2018 financials, to Hanover.

"Now that we have gone into their 2018 books, we found some other disturbing documentation there, doesn't quite line up," says Toews.

As a result, Hanover council will ask its auditor, The Exchange Group of Winnipeg to conduct a forensic audit. Also, the Secretary-Treasurer of the Kleefeld Recreation Association has been suspended from her duties and that position will remain vacant until her term expires or the results of the audit are known.

Toews says he does not know how long it will take to get those results.

"We will probably be meeting the auditor next week and get more details," he says. 

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