After getting 15 centimetres of snow last week, Monday’s predicted 5 centimetres might not seem like a lot. 

The forecast is calling for snow to begin early in the morning with a daytime temperature of –2. 

It looks like we will have light snow falling throughout the day but that might be all we will get this week. 

Sunshine will return on Tuesday, and it will remain cool with a high of only –7. 

Temperatures for the rest of the week could rise enough to melt some of the snow with Wednesday’s daytime temperature expected to reach +1. 

The snow and rain, along with wind, caused poor driving conditions and Highway 75 was closed on Saturday south of Morris all the way to the Canada/U.S. border. It was reopened on Sunday with ice-covered sections. 

By Sunday evening, Manitoba Hydro crews had restored power to most customers in the Southeast with one outage still being worked on. 

The wet, heavy snow last week clung to tree branches and power lines with power outages throughout Friday and Saturday.

(Images below courtesy of Sandra Drewniak)


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