The Fire Chief for Ste. Anne issued a report on social media regarding training seminars they attended in March. 

Following a traffic control seminar, Robert Saindon offers the following guidelines on how to safely approach emergency vehicles. 

“When the posted speed limit is under 79 kph, you can safely go by at most 40 kph. If the posted speed limit is over 80 kph, your maximum speed cannot exceed 60 kph. In some cases, this will even be too fast depending on road conditions.” 

He also offers important information regarding collisions that involve power lines. 

“In the event that you are involved in a collision with power lines; remember to assume all lines are live. Do not attempt to exit your vehicle unless you are instructed by the fire department that it is safe to do so. Manitoba hydro will be dispatched immediately.” 

Fire Chief Robert Saindon standing beside a red fire truck.Fire Chief Robert Saindon.

The Ste. Anne Fire Department also had a seminar for CN Rail Emergency. 

Saindon says they learned how to effectively report to a rail emergency. 

“As our community has a major rail line going through it, this information was a valuable learning tool.” 

With spring weather coming up, Saindon is issuing some helpful tips regarding grass fires. 

“Remember to keep your property as free from debris as possible. Driveways are a prime example. If you struggle to get in with your personal vehicle, emergency vehicles are much larger and need more room.” 

There has been very little snowfall in the Southeast this past winter, fire departments are concerned about what this means regarding grass fires this year. 

Environment and Climate Change Canada is forecasting a warmer-than-normal spring right across the Prairies. Southern Manitoba is expected to be wetter-than-normal as we move toward a hotter-than-normal summer.