A recurring problem kept the Steinbach Fire Department busy over the weekend.

Fire Chief Kel Toews says they had three separate incidents where a carbon monoxide detector was going because of snow that was blocking the vents to furnaces and other gas appliances.

"We were fortunate that at all the calls there were carbon monoxide alarms installed," says Toews. "Had there not been, outcomes could have been different."

Toews says the rising number of calls related to carbon monoxide detectors is the result of the abundance of snow to hit Steinbach this winter. He encourages residents to take a walk around the perimeter of their homes to ensure their vents are not covered by snow. And where this is an issue, he reminds residents to shovel away the snow.

"Talking to people from Manitoba Hydro, it's been quite common for them to be called out to CO alarms going as well, or concerns about their vents being blocked or smell of gas in the house," adds Toews. "So they have had quite a few calls."

Toews says your best line of defense is to make sure that none of your vents are blocked. But further to that, he says having a carbon monoxide detector is vital to make sure you receive a warning if there is an issue. Toews recommends a detector on every level where there is a sleeping area.