The Member of Parliament for Provencher is using words like "disappointing" and "concerning" to sum up the federal budget delivered this week by the Trudeau Liberals. Ted Falk says exactly what this budget translates into, has yet to be seen. 

"But to start off with, very disappointing that again Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government have chosen to present a budget with a $40 billion deficit," says Falk.

According to Falk, this is the 9th straight budget with a deficit, which he describes as funding on the future of our children and grandchildren. He notes as Canadians we are leaving a very large national debt on the shoulders of the next generations.

"A very large national debt that needs to be paid back and that's something that's very concerning to me," he adds. 

Falk says that analysts have projected that the interest payment this year on our national debt will be $54 billion. To put that into perspective, Falk says that is more money than what is sent to all the provinces combined for health care. He adds it is also equivalent to how much money the GST raises. 

"So far there is very little good," said Falk on Wednesday when asked if the budget contains any positives. "The budget talks about a focus on home building and you know what, it's the same language that Justin Trudeau used in his 2015 budget. And so, we don't have any optimism that he's actually going to do anything that he says in his budget because he's been saying the same things for the last nine years."

Falk says the cost of living has increased, with inflation causing everything to become more expensive. He notes the basic costs of living have gone up, including fueling your car, buying groceries, or heating your home. 

"A lot of it caused in the last few years by the carbon tax," says Falk. "And now we see him continuing on the same path that he's chosen for the last nine years and actually telling us he's expecting different results. It just doesn't make any sense."

Falk says the whole issue of cost of living was not addressed in this budget. He notes the Liberals keep mentioning the word "fairness" in this budget and yet the whole aspect of fairness was never dealt with. 

Falk says a "non-financial issue" that was included in Budget 2024 has to do with right to repair legislation, which he says is important for a lot of people in the southeast. He explains right to repair refers to the consumer being able to repair a product in the manner they choose whether that is through the original equipment manufacturer or an aftermarket shop. 

Meanwhile, Falk says many previous Liberal Finance Ministers and Bank of Canada Governors have weighed in on this budget, calling it the worst in Canada's history. 

"They also say that this is the wrong path that the Liberals have chosen," adds Falk. "The path they should have taken is reducing the deficit, working towards eliminating the deficit, and starting to pay down this massive amount of debt that has been accumulated by the Trudeau Government."