Motorists in Steinbach can expect traffic delays Friday morning as the result of a house being moved across the city. 

Max and Joel Martens from Martens Building Movers say the move will begin around 8:30 am. Manitoba Hydro crews will be on hand to move power lines if necessary.

Once the move begins, all of Hanover Street west will be blocked off.

The public is asked not to park on Hanover overnight and Friday morning and should avoid Hanover during the move. There are No Parking signs along Hanover Street between Reimer and Loewen Blvd.

Once the house reaches Loewen Blvd, it will be turning on to Hwy 12 north where they will need to switch lanes into oncoming traffic to get to the Hwy 12 and Acres Drive intersection.

Pilot vehicles from the moving company will be taking care of traffic control as they move the house through the city. You are to expect delays.

Martens says, "we don't expect this to take too terribly long just a couple of minutes. So, if we can have people just be patient, either avoid the area or sit and watch the show."