When Rudy Kroeker reached 1 Million Safe Miles as a driver for Hylife, he never thought of reaching another significant milestone.

“I just go to work and drive,” he says with a laugh.

Now, he has made company history after completing 2 Million miles of accident-free driving thus making him the first of Hylife’s employees to reach this significant achievement.

Kroeker says awareness is key in avoiding accidents, paying attention to your surroundings, and to be aware of road conditions.

“The whole goal in the winter time is to try to keep the truck on its wheels, don’t put it in the ditch,” says Kroeker.

He recalls driving through some intense winter storms, wondering why he was even on the road.

On one occasion, Kroeker says he was driving through blowing snow, crawling along the road and felt the truck leaning to the side. He stopped and waited for conditions to clear up before surveying the situation.

That’s when he noticed the truck was aiming for the ditch.

Rather than trying to get back onto the road by himself, Kroeker says he called for help and waited to get a “tug back onto the road.”

“That was the closest incident I ever had,” he says.

Kroeker says the 2 Million Safe Miles snuck up on him and he is honoured to be recognized for reaching this achievement.

His employer says Kroeker has "reached a major milestone, especially in short-haul driving."

There are currently 10 Hylife drivers who have reached 1,000,000 miles of accident-free driving.

Kroeker is their only Two Million Mile Club member.