After some discussion and a close look at regulations, council for the R.M. of La Broquerie has approved a conditional use application which will allow a breeding and boarding business to operate in the municipality. 

The applicant asked council for permission to have two adult female Labradors and one adult male for breeding up to two litters per year. 

Council noted there were no objections from any neighbours surrounding the 80-acre property, and nobody was in attendance to speak to the application. 

Administration presented council with a list of conditions that were collected from surrounding municipalities. That list garnered more attention from council members as they debated whether the list was reasonable and had purpose. 

In the end, councillor Darrel Unger moved to alter the approving resolution, removing the condition that would have required the applicant submit a satisfactory vet check report to council before and after breeding. 

The amended conditional use application was approved. 

“There’s a lot of regulations in our resolution,” says Deputy Reeve Laurent Tetrault, noting the conditions are in place to ensure the wellbeing of the animals, while protecting the municipality and the applicant. 

One of the conditions indicates that the breeding operation can be inspected at any time, making sure the animals have good living conditions and are well taken care of.

Tetrault recalls a poorly run operation from many years ago, he says council does not want to see anything like that, again. He feels confident council has taken appropriate steps that will make sure this newly approved operation will be respectable.