A request to begin a dog breeding operation in La Broquerie has been unanimously denied.

The proposed business fell within agricultural land along Road 39E, and would have needed a conditional use permit to begin operations.

Reeve Lewis Weiss says Council collectively made this decision after considering numerous concerns from neighbors that were put forward at the previous meeting.

“There were a number of complaints from local residents in the area,” explains Weiss, “people were afraid of these domineering and aggressive dogs getting loose in the neighborhood… they’re not chihuahuas.”

The other primary concern was in regards to the living space the applicants planned on giving the dogs. Council felt the proposed building would have been too small for the dogs to have lived quality lives.

Councillor Alvin Derksen was the one who motioned to deny the request.

“A dog is a pet and pets should not be kept in tiny pens,” he stressed during Wednesday's regular meeting of Council.

According to Derksen, the applicants already own a few dogs who had already had the propensity to wander.

With all of these red flags, Weiss says Council was led to believe this dog breeding operation was simply a bad idea.

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