Steinbach's soup kitchen recently received a $6,000 donation from the Dick Penner Memorial Hockey tournament that was held last winter. 

“It was the 3rd annual Dick Penner Memorial Tournament,” says Lawney Penner. “My dad, Dick Penner passed away in 2018. Kelly Wiens and Jill Plett, who was the president and, on the board, decided to start this tournament in honor of my dad which some of the money raised goes back to Mitchell Minor Hockey and some of the money goes to an organization of the families choice that year.” 

Penner tells us why the family chose to direct the funds to Soup’s On. 

“My dad was a bus driver for the school division and loved kids. And working in the school division myself, I see the need that kids have for daily lunches and I know Soup’s On does a wonderful job putting lunches together and handing them out to the division So, we decided to do something my dad was passionate about, children, and support Soup’s On, so that they can provide lunches for kids that don't necessarily have some.” 

This donation will provide 3,428 complete lunches to kids who would have otherwise gone without. 

“The cost of living is high right now and many families are feeling the pinch. So, we really appreciate Soup’s On and what they do for this region.” 

Penner says his dad cared a lot about kids and would have wanted to help the children with meals.

Three women pack lunches for students.Left to right: Joy Neufeld, Anya and Kat prepare lunches that are delivered to schools in the area for students who did not bring enough food to help them get through the day. (Photo submitted)

“My dad was passionate about everything Mitchell, whether it was the students... he was obviously involved at the school, but he was also involved at the church, at the Co-op, Mitchell Minor Hockey. He served both on the Minor Hockey Board and the Arena Board for many years. He loved, loved his town, loved the people in his town and we hope to continue that legacy and continuing to show the love for those around us.” 

The 4th Annual Dick Penner Memorial Hockey Tournament takes place November 24-26. 

“We hold a U-13 hockey tournament,” Penner says. “This year, we have two categories in Mitchell, a B category and C category and there'll be five teams in both categories. So, ten teams in total at this tournament.” 

There are different ways to get involved, helping support minor hockey and local charities. 

“Starting Nov. 20, If you’d like to support the DPM, please visit our website for the QR code for the 50/50 draw. You could also issue a cheque payable to Mitchell Minor Hockey and note Dick Penner Memorial in the memo and contact any board member to arrange a pickup.” 

Penner says the weekend event is always an enjoyable time for players and their supporters. 

“We have a lot of fun playing hockey and raising some money that goes back to Mitchell Minor Hockey and to help different organizations around the area.” 


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