Rain or shine, community members still attended Steinbach’s Walk for Life event on Sunday afternoon. 

K.R. Barkman Park was packed with many people and activities. Life Culture organized the event, and Executive Director Susan Penner is "appreciative” of the turnout. 

“With the weather, how hot it was. I'm amazed that people were willing to come for the afternoon, and not only did they come for the walk, so many people brought diapers or baby items that we can now give to women who need some help. So overall, I'm really encouraged by the attendance and the event," Penner says. 

In addition to the walk, they had a free barbeque lunch and face painting, and a program featuring three guest speakers, Candace Loewen, Judith Vasquez and Melanie Reimer, talking about their experiences. 

They also held their first giant baby shower and collected many items, such as diapers. 

"What we're going to do is we're going to distribute it to organizations that help women. We'll keep some of it for the women we help, but we got so. Much we will give it to places like pregnancy, crisis centres and other organizations,” she explains. 

She adds that the next step for their organization is to continue the work they’re already doing. 

“So, we're just going to continue to do pro-life education in our culture A lot of people actually haven't heard a pro-life message because we're just supposed to support abortion, no questions asked. So really talking about it and educating people is really one of our primary goals. The second thing is continuing to help women who need some help,” she says. 

Finally, Penner thanks the volunteers for making the event happen. 

“Dozens of people have helped with this event, and I'm so grateful for them,” she says. “This couldn't happen without volunteers. I just want to say a huge thank you to everybody who took their time to come and help for this event.” 

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Here are photos from Steinbach’s Walk for Life: