Singer/Songwriter Danny Plett writes songs to inspire Christians in both English and German. 

"Most of my time is spent in Canada but my plan is to plan two trips a year to Europe," says Plett. "This summer I was out there for five weeks doing a tour in Germany and I also did a trip to Ukraine."

Plett lives in Steinbach, Manitoba but his music has a big following in European countries. 

"I have a good friend that lives out there. He's from Canada and he married a Ukrainian and they live in a city of Uzhhorod which is in the very western extreme of the country."

While that area of Ukraine doesn't have active fighting from Russia, there is still evidence of war.

"I spent some time in a church out there that houses about 70 to 100 refugees from the eastern part of the country. They do have regular sirens that warn of missiles that might be coming into their region and young men are conscripted off the street. They are very much living under the black cloud of war."

In 2013 Plett and his family moved back to Canada after living in Germany for over 20 years. 

"We're planning this tour now for November/December. There's going to be 12 concerts all around the country and hopefully, I'll be able to get back into Ukraine."

New Single

As of today, Plett is releasing a new single called 'Losing Myself in You.'

"Like most artists during COVID, it was a really creative time for me, writing-wise so I did a lot of writing. This was a song that was born in that time."

The single is an act of worship in the lyrics, according to Plett.

"It's about the paradox of losing ourselves into God and yet in that process finding ourselves because God finds us. He affirms us, He confirms us, and He gives us our identity."

Plett says it's a counter-cultural single in the fact that society often has sayings like 'Find yourself.' 

"Even in the church, there's a lot of emphasis on that. Yet the church, the body of Christ is all about expressing ourselves in community and that we're dependent on each other. The whole idea of community and being able to do that with our brothers and sisters is the best way of self-expression."

Plett says the best way for people to find themselves is in the Bible.

"I just want to encourage people to find their orientation in the word of God instead of the pop wisdom and the trend wisdom that we find in our culture. As believers, we're encouraged to be somewhat counter-cultural. As we find our identity in what God says about us and the world, we'll get to a much healthier place within our psychology, our bodies, churches, and families as well."