A cycling event this summer is raising money to support families who are struggling.

Rob Jessup and his brother Dominique Contois, are the driving force behind K~&~M Cycle 230, a fundraising group that has partnered with the United Way in making sure there is a variety of supports for children and their parents.

“We’re trying to raise money for programs that kids will access when they need to go to a place of safety, or they need to an article of clothing,” Jessup explains. “Or they need to just go speak with somebody that would be accessible to them or if they just need to go somewhere for a couple hours till things cool down wherever they live or any of that sort of thing.”

Cyclists will meet up early on July 9th at The Forks and cycle 230 kilometres to Roseisle (R.M. of Dufferin) and back.

“We want to make sure that people have a chance to see the route, look it up, as we broadcast live as we’re doing it and hopeful to raise awareness against distracted driving,” Jessup says.

He notes this event is in honour of their father, Ken Peutert, who had a pay it forward attitude and a strong community spirit. Jessup says he was killed in an accident on September 10, 2020 which was caused by distracted driving.

“We are doing this in Ken's name. Ken is our father, though not our biological father. But he assumed the role after our father had passed away back in 89,” says Jessup. “Ken would often take us out. He was a contractor by trade his whole life, he taught us life skills; how to build this, how to move that, how to be honest and all your dealings.”

You can learn more about this fundraising event and make a donation by joining their Facebook page or visiting their website.