Residents in the Town of Ste. Anne could see higher rates for Waste and Recycling Special Services. 

Council has established rates for 2024 to 2026 with an estimated increase of four percent per year. 

These rates indicate the maximum amount that can be charged each year for this service. 

Council is still working on its budget for this year, so these are estimated rates which include the costs of services for collection of household waste, recycling and yard waste, as well as contribution to reserves for replacement of machinery and equipment. 

It is noted that inflation costs were a factor in calculating the cost of equipment maintenance and fuel. 

Estimate Rates for a Single-Family House between 2024 and 2026: 

2024: Maximum of $309.67  

2025: Maximum of $322.37 (increase of 4%) 

2026: Maximum of $335.71 (increase of 4%) 

Breakdown of the 2024 estimate rate of $309.67: 

$98.87 for household waste (additional 49.44 per additional cart of 2 or more) 

$133.93 for recycling (additional 66.97 per additional cart of 2 or more)) 

$21.29 for yard waste 

$55.58 for future machinery replacement