Some big projects were completed last year in the RM of Ste. Anne, and Reeve Paul Saindon is happy with how they turned out.

The weather cooperated to allow the massive lagoon expansion to be completed, he says, noting that it was finished under budget.


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Learning to go virtual with meetings this past year, it was a challenge but Saindon says they figured it out and kept moving forward.

Looking ahead to this fall, Saindon says he is prepared to throw his hat in the ring with hopes for re-election.

The new public works building for the RM of Ste. Anne.

He feels there is still more to accomplish for the municipality and he wants to be part of it.

One area that Saindon would like to see some progress over the next few years is the establishment of commercial properties along Highway 12 and the along the Trans-Canada.

He says it’s important the municipality provide people with the option to work locally, and feels this is a key step in making that possible.