The City of Steinbach has a virtual open house coming up regarding the reconstruction of the intersection at Loewen Boulevard and Provincial Trunk Highway 12N.

Aaron Rach, Head Engineer for the City of Steinbach, shares what participants can expect during the open house. 

“During the open house, we're going to have a presentation that will include a project overview, a timeline, and the phasing of the project, outlining the proposed changes to the intersection and the design, the traffic management plan for the project, as well as the community impact and benefits.” 

Following the presentation, there'll be a Q&A session where residents will be able to submit questions for the City Engineer to address. 

If you'd like to receive a link to the meeting, you can go to and fill out the registration form.  

The virtual open house is on Tuesday, June 18th at 6:30pm. 


With files from Kenton Dyck