It’s Culture Days at the Pat Porter Active Living Center this week, so the community get the opportunity to celebrate Métis, Ukrainian, and Filipino cultures. 

This is their first ever Culture Days, and they will be celebrating the three different cultures over the next three days. 

Audrey Harder from the Pat Porter says the first day of the celebrations, today, will be focused on Métis culture. 

"We're very excited to celebrate Métis. We have the Norman Chief Memorial Dancers coming out, so that is fantastic,” she says. “And then there's food. You can buy food, see what you want, pick and choose. It will be really good!” 

the Norman Chief Memorial DancersThe Norman Chief Memorial Dancers

Then on Tuesday, they celebrate Ukrainian Culture. 

"So that would be Ukrainian food. And we have the Yuki Fusion Crew coming in to play some music and we're looking for dancers. If anybody wants to join, you can come do some Ukrainian dancing or you can just do some dancing along with the music.” 

Finally, Wednesday is for celebrating Filipino culture.

"Some great cuisine. We all know that will be good food, and lots of it, as well as some great entertainment. We're very excited for this.” 

When choosing what cultures to focus on, they wanted to represent groups that have a big population in the Southeast. 

“We thought, ‘who do we celebrate? Well, we'll start with looking at the majority of who's in the area.'” 

She says Culture Days is an amazing event to attend for various reasons. 

"It's a great opportunity to see some excellent entertainment, taste some great food, and meet some wonderful people.”  

The event is Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, March 13-15, from 5pm-9pm. 

Admission is $5 for adults and $2 for those under 18. 


With files from Michelle Sawatzky