It’s Mother’s Day and we caught up with local musician and a mom to three boys, Catie St. Germain of Niverville, to talk about balancing motherhood with a music career. 

“You hear it all the time, we get wrapped up in the mom-thing. Of course we love our kids, we love that. But also, a huge part of me was music and doing that. So, I felt like I kind of lost myself a little bit and my passions and what I wanted to do. And so, you know, finding a way to balance the two of them was really tricky.” 

Catie St. Germain and her three young boys on a rocky hillside.Catie St. Germain appreciates being able to spend a lot of time with her young boys while she still works on her music career. (Photo submitted)

She put her music career on hold for a while to start her family, and St. Germain says it’s great to finally have found a good balance that allows for a lot of time with her three boys while still working on music. 

“I’m still home with them, I’m doing music but I’m still home with them pretty much, you know, all the time, which is great, but they're really good kids. They're also, you know, kind of used to me singing and being around the house and doing music and stuff, which is really cool.” 

St. Germain and her team are working on writing and demoing new songs, and they’re well on their way to releasing an album this year. 

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