For the first time ever, the Canadian National Aerobatic Championships will be held in Steinbach. 

Organizer Abram Razon says the contest will be held at Steinbach North Airport which is right behind the Mennonite Heritage Village. 

“The contest is going to be the 3rd annual contest held here in Steinbach. For the first two years it was called the Central Canada Aerobatic Championships but this year we got the grant to make it the Canadian National, so it will be pretty much double the size of what we've had for the last couple of years. A lot of pilots are coming from all over the country and a few are coming from the states as well.” 

Razon says pilots will perform a series of routines and maneuvers and will be judged on skill and execution. He notes they will compete in 5 different categories. 

“To summarize them, they are primary, sportsman, intermediate, advanced, and unlimited being the highest. Every category will be rewarded from first to third places. The cool thing about having the Canadian Nationals is that the first in each category can be called the national champion.” 

A number of members of Team Canada will be competing at the Canadian National Aerobatic Championships in Steinbach including Harv’s Luke Penner who happens to be the captain of the Team. 

Razon says spectators are more than welcome, and the event is free to attend. 

“For those who are interested in coming, we're going to have food trucks out there just like last year. We're going to have a roped-in area for the spectators and basically feel free to come whenever you would like to, just make sure to bring your own lawn chairs, umbrellas, sunscreen, whatever it may be.” 

The event will run from 8 AM to 5 PM on Saturday and 8 AM to 2 PM Sunday weather permitting. Spectators can access the airport via Golfair Road.

Finally, Razon says “I just want to thank all the volunteers who are going to be a part of this, all the pilots are going to be travelling from very far places, and the hangar owners will let us use their hangers for storage and also for paperwork registration as our main headquarters. I want to thank all the landowners as well that are right beside the runway for letting us put up the boundary markers on their crops.” 


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