“Not just a bit, we were very nervous.” 

Those are the words Don Penner from Benner Holsteins used to describe the mood following the second cut of hay earlier this summer.

With hot, dry weather through May and June, he says their second cut was far from ideal and it put them in a tight spot. 

“Oh, that was well below average, our second cut.” He adds “Second cut was very sparse, quite dry, but then we got a very nice timely rain and now our third cut is well above average. It looks amazing.”

Benner Holsteins is located on Highway 311 East and most of their crops are in the Ridgewood area northeast of Steinbach. 

Benner HolsteinsBenner Holsteins on Highway 311

Penner says they are just now wrapping up the third cut and it is well above average in both quantity and quality, putting them in a very good position. Even factoring the poor second cut, 2023 has been an above average year for alfalfa. 

Looking forward, Penner notes “It looks very promising that we'll get a fourth cut. We got nice rain now, right after third cut and we're still fairly early, so we are expecting a fourth cut.” 

Benner Holsteins’ other crops are also faring well. Benner notes “This rain was very nice, very timely for the corn cobs to fill out and also for the beans.” 


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