The Smile Cookie campaign at Tim Horton’s kicked-off today, and once again, Youth for Christ is the recipient. 

This means 100 percent of the funds from every Smile Cookie sold are going toward YFC in Steinbach and Blumenort. 

Rueben Singh with YFC says last time the campaign was on, they received just over $23,000. 

“So hoping to put that in the dust and go even further.” 

Singh explains what the money goes toward. 

"Summer programming, maintenance in the skate park, different things that allow us to continue to do what we're doing that enhances activities and opportunities for young people.” 

Their drop-in center in Blumenort opened their doors at the end of October last year. 

He says they have gotten a great response, as a lot of people are coming out to their Blumenort drop-in center. 

“Probably 25-30 a night at first, and now that it's nicer outside, you're pushing 40 at times. The basketball courts are getting used and just a really, really positive reaction from the community. It's full, people are appreciating it, it's great.” 

As part of the Smile Cookie campaign, YFC had a fun competition at Tim Horton's earlier today at the North location. 

Steinbach Mayor Earl Funk, MLA Kelvin Goertzen, and Singh himself competed in a Smile Cookie decorating competition. 

@steinbach_online Tim Hortons smile cookie campaign starts today! All the money is going to YFC Steinbach to help with the drop-in centres in Steinbach and Blumenort! #steinbachonline #TimHortons #SmileCookie #YFC #Steinbach ♬ original sound - SteinbachOnline

Video credit: Alto Creative 

A bunch of YFC staff will be at Tim Horton’s helping out with cookie preparations throughout the week. 

Singh says every cookie helps, and encourages you to come on down at treat yourself and your friends to a tasty treat. 

“You can order some for your business, bless your staff or your coworkers, bring some for your kids lunches this week, so all kinds of options you can do.” 

The Smile Cookie campaign runs from April 29 to May 5.


With files from Corny Rempel