There's going to be a lot of activity at the Ste. Anne Fire Hall Monday evening. 

Chief Bob Saindon says they're hosting an open house and recruitment drive. He invites people of all ages and hopes to meet up with anyone interested in joining the fire department. 

“We could use a few more members on our department,” he says. “We’re also going to have activities for kids. STARS is also going to set up a booth, so they’ll be there. And the police department is going to have a few cars there too. So, if people want to come and ask questions, we’ll be there to answer their questions.”  

He adds they will also put on a vehicle extrication demonstration. 

The open house includes a BBQ. 

It takes place on Monday 7-9pm at the Ste. Anne Fire Hall. 

Saindon looks forward to seeing the whole community come out for the event. 

Promotional poster for Ste. Anne Fire Hall open house.